A chance to participate in China’s policy-making

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Scientists and technologist should overcome technical challenges that restrict progress, create a global vision, stay in the forefront of technological developments and deepen cooperation with the world to achieve innovative breakthroughs, said Vice-Premier Liu Yandong.
The vice-premier was speaking at a symposium on talent in science and technology organized by the China Association for Science and Technology in Beijing on July 19.
She also called on adapting to “new normal” stage of economic development, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, achieving transformation, and enhancing quality, efficiency and upgrading of China’s economy.
The vice-premier urged promoting the reform of technological system, breaking constraints on innovation and entrepreneurship and unleashing the vitality of technological innovation.
She added that there is a need to cultivate high-quality technical talent, reinforcing support for youth talent, raising scientific knowledge of the people, and striving to provide a strong guarantee of talent for the construction of scientific and technological power in the world.
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